Dog Gear Review: Hurtta Extreme Warmer


According to the weather forecast, the temperature was going to be in the 30s at night. Xena gets cold and shivers when the temperature dips into the 40s so I was glad when our friends at Hurtta North America sent over an Extreme Warmer coat for us to test just before our 10-day road trip.



Product Specs

  • Size:  10-26″ (click here for measurement)
  • Color:  Graphite, Lingon & Hi-Viz Orange
  • Retail price:  $88

For reference, Xena’s wearing Lingon in 18″.


Design – 5/5

  • Designed to protect the important muscle groups
  • Lining made from 100% polyester fabric with hot foil that reflects heat
  • Outer shell:  Waterproof and breathable, laminated material

  • Taped seams on the back and rear

  • 3M reflectors for safety

  • Adjustable back length and hood

  • Leg loops to keep the coat in place
  • Adjustable chest strap
  • A leash opening for harness or collar (sizes 12″-26″)

  • A ring for fastening a leash (size 10″)



Function – 5/5

While camping at night, between Extreme Warmer and down throws, Xena was pretty comfy. She tucked herself into a ball to conserve body heat and slept through the night. I especially liked the hood feature. I pulled it over to cover her ears right before we went to bed. Only her little face was exposed. 🙂 Judging by Xena’s no reaction (no resistance nor fidgeting), she liked being covered all the way too. It gave her extra warmth.


Extreme Warmer is not heavy but it has a good weight to it. The inner foil reflects the heat and keeps the body heat within the jacket. It must be breathable though because Xena had no problem wearing it all morning even after the sun came out. She seemed comfortable wandering around the campsite and sniffing or laying by the fire.


It is easy to dress. The leg loops kept the jacket in place without restricting her movement. 3M reflectors were great to keep Xena visible. The Adjustable chest strap worked as expected. For sleeping, I loosened the chest strap just a little bit to give her wiggle room.

Quality & Durability – 5/5

The coat is made with high-quality material and the stitching is flawless as I would expect from Hurtta products. I wash all her gear in a front load washing machine in a gentle cycle then air-dry them and this is not an exception. The coat comes out of the washer like new and it’s easy to care for. Tip: Throw in a color catcher sheet in the washer to retain the vibrant color of the jacket.

Fashion and Fit – 4.5/5

Love that rich garnet color on her! To get the right size, you need to measure the back length. Neck and chest are adjustable. While the length on Torrent Jacket and Summit Parka fit Xena perfectly, Extreme Warmer is just a tad longer on her. It gives her more coverage in the rear.

Adjustable chest strap and pulls are easy to use and great to get the perfect fit. Xena seems to be comfortable in the coat.

While the leg loops on Torrent Jacket and Summit Parka have a snug fit, these were a little loose around her legs. When she moved around, I found the lower back of the jacket was slightly shifted to one side. It didn’t seem to bother Xena with movement though.

Overall – 4.9/5

Hurtta Extreme Warmer is a high-quality performance jacket. It is suitable for all fur-types. It would be especially good for senior dogs, pregnant dogs or any dogs who need extra warmth during colder months. It will shield your dog from the cold rain, snow, and wind and keep her dry and warm. I am looking forward to taking this out on the trails this winter. I will be sure to update the review after that!


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Happy Hiking!

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20 comments on “Dog Gear Review: Hurtta Extreme Warmer”

  1. My dog definitely needs something like this! I recently bought him a fleece “jacket” to keep him warm in negative temps although he never actually looks cold. But this would be perfect for cold camping!

  2. Keeping the dogs warm at night is often a concern for me and I’ve always been hesitant about leaving clothes on them over night. If it works for Xena, I may have to give it a shot for my little monkeys. She looks so adorable all wrapped in her blankets.

    1. Haha, thanks. Yea, too cute to not take a photo of her when she is all bundled up! At least there are 4 of you for body heat. A coat is a must for Xena at night since we both like having our own space when we sleep. Before this, she wore a Ruffwear fleece sweater that was great too for sleeping in. Also, I am obsessed with these down throws from Costco! They are so compact and warm. Great for traveling!

  3. Thanks so much for this great review and awesome pics. My dog is getting older and we hike up high in the Canadian Rockies and then sit for long periods of time while I make photographs, so I’ve been deciding between this and the Summit Parka. I bring a foam camping pad for him to lie on as well to insulate from the cold/wet ground. How did the performance compare when you were hiking with it over the winter? Thanks! 🙂

    1. Thank you! I like them both for hiking and keeping Xena warm but Extreme Warmer gives more protection from the element if the weather changes. You can pull the hoody over to cover her head like here: It has a better rear coverage as well. You can see a photo here: For what you’re looking for, I think Extreme Warmer might be a better choice. Good luck! 🙂

      1. Thanks so much for your observations and recommendation! I agree, I think Extreme Warmer would be the better choice for what I’m looking for a coat to do. Xena looks so stylish in hers too!

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