Plans Are Nice To Have


but it doesn’t always have to go as planned.  …Continuing from our last post

Inyo National Forest Camping Trip – Part 1

When I got to the hotel room and realized that I forgot to bring Xena’s food, I felt horrible. It was one of the first things I laid out when I started packing. So what happened! I yelped a pet store that carries Xena’s food and found one in Mammoth Lakes. Unfortunately, the store was already closed for the day. I had Xena’s meal replacement bars in the backpack so we managed with a bar.

Instead of going to Convict Lake and spend the morning exploring the lake per the original plan, my new plan was to take it easy and head up north to Mammoth Lakes and pick up Xena’s food before we meet up with our friends around 1 pm. We walked to the bank to get some cash out then walked to a coffee shop called Looney Bean of Bishop to pick up my breakfast. Both the soy latte and quinoa avocado bowl (surprisingly spicy) were tasty. I bookmarked it in Yelp for the next time in town.



Mammoth Lakes is 42.3 miles northwest of Bishop

It was 7 am and it was already 89 degrees. I couldn’t wait to go up to the mountains. Soon after we finished our breakfast and got fresh ice for the ice chest, we got on the road. I drove straight to the pet store. My day wasn’t going to really start until I have her food with us, you know. After running a couple errands in the town, it was already time for lunch. I love traveling. All I do is, eat and play! Haha. My veggie sandwich and carrot juice at Garden of Eat’n and Catering were delicious but I found it a bit pricey.



Toms Place is 18.4 miles southeast of Mammoth Lakes

With the full (happy) belly, we headed over to near Toms Place on Rock Creek Road. We met up with Jen and the boys and began to scope out the campsites. There are many primitive campgrounds along the road and they have a pet policy that limits two dogs per site. Jen was confident that we would be able to find two campsites next to each other on Sunday. This is all new to me so I just happily followed her lead. She was right, we found a nice quiet campground next to Rock Creek. Lovely!

I set up my new tent while Xena watched me unsurely. Don’t worry Z, I’ve got this! It was clear Xena wasn’t sure about having our own campsite. She kept going over to Jen’s campsite and hung out there next to Jen while I was at our campsite getting things set up. I think she was doubtful about my camping ability. I don’t blame her but still! The betrayal!


We relaxed in the hammock next to the creek and hung out at the campground rest of the day. Pups are supposed to be leashed in the campground but since these three stayed at our campsites and didn’t bother other campers, the ranger was cool about us having them off-leash. We were glad because neither of us wants to camp with the pups tied up the whole time. I get it if they bother others but they don’t. We’d rather not bring them if that is the only way. Pretty much everyone we met on the campground loved seeing them and wanted to say hi.


As the evening was coming to an end, my mind started to circle around the bear thoughts more. It was easier to put it aside during the day. While lying down in the tent when it’s dark outside, not so much. Uh oh. On the other hand, Xena had no problem falling asleep fast and staying in sleep all night.


Good to Know:

  • Red Roof Inns allows pets to stay free. Most Red Roof Inns properties allow one pet per room unless prohibited by state law or ordinance. The room was clean and spacious for our stay.
  • Pet store in Mammoth Lakes:  Tailwaggers
  • Both Looney Bean of Bishop and Garden of Eat’n and Catering have a dog-friendly outdoor seating.

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Happy Hiking!

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8 comments on “Plans Are Nice To Have”

    1. Well… that was my sleeping bag. The yellow one is hers. Of course, she goes in to mine and falls asleep. I had to make her to move to her side after the shot. Felt bad because she was sleeping so peacefully.

  1. Oh my goodness! This takes me back! What an awesome camping trip! Xena just thought that we needed to be in the same campground 🤣

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