Review: Hurtta Action Belt


Keys, IDs, cell phones, money, treats, poop bags. There are so many little things I have to carry with me when we go for a walk. If it’s warm or going for a long walk, I have to carry water too. We received a sample of Action Belt from Hurtta North America so we can put it to the test. The Action belt is designed for walking and running with your dog so we primarily tested it on our daily walks. Now that I don’t run anymore.

Product Specs

  • Color: Grey
  • One size
  • Retail price: $40

Design – 3.5/5

  • Two zipper side pockets for keys, a cell phone, and waste bags
  • A detachable bag for sticky treats
  • Adjustable waist belt
  • Place for a water bottle with a rubber loop to prevent it from sliding out while in motion
  • Center top pocket with velcro closure
  • 3M reflectors for safety
  • 2″ carabiner on one side for hands-free

Although the Action belt is designed for walking and running with your dog, if you are a minimalist runner, this may not be for you. It would be too bulky and bouncy. For walking, no problem. It can also be used as supplement gear to carry small things on hikes as well. One of my friends uses it for that purpose.

Side pockets are not big enough to hold my Galaxy S7 Edge so I have to use the center top pocket. Side pockets are just big enough to hold keys, IDs, money and treat at most. Also since they sit on the curvy part of your body, even if your phone fits in the pocket, I can’t see how that would be comfortable.

I like the hands-free feature. It’s great for one dog. Multiple compartments are great too to organize your items.

Function – 3/5

The rubber band to hold the water bottle inside is a great idea and worked as expected. It kept my water bottle inside of the pocket during miles of walk and playing fetch at the park with Xena. Without it, the bottle slid out halfway while I was walking. I am sure it would have slipped out eventually.

The waste bag dispenser is a great idea in theory but when I put a new roll in, there wasn’t enough room inside for the roll to actually roll so pulling a bag out of the dispenser was quite frustrating. I just put individual bags in one of the side pockets.

Unfortunately, the center pocket and the water bottle pouch are not functional at the same time. They are sharing the same space so you can use one or the other in reality. When I put a water bottle in the pouch, there isn’t enough space in the center pocket for my giant cell phone. When I tried to carry a tennis ball and my cell phone, I had the same space issue. 

Fit – 4/5


Initially, the Action belt was stiff but eventually, it got softer. It won’t get soft enough to lose its shape though due to its durable material. The adjustable waist is good for getting the right fit whether you want to wear it on your waist or on your hips. It came with so much webbing, I actually had to cut off the extra strap I didn’t need. It is comfortable to wear as long as I don’t carry bulky items like a tennis ball. But I need that tennis ball! I mean, Xena needs it!

Overall – 3.5/5

Hurtta Action Belt is a decent carryall bag for walks. It can be used for daily walks and as supplement gear to carry small things on hikes. Unfortunately, the two main compartments in the center fight for the same space to be more versatile. It’s good for carrying keys, IDs, waste bags, a cell phone, treats, and other small personal items.


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Happy Hiking!

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