Whatever Wednesday: Collect Moments


It was April of last year when she went into 3 inch deep water to fetch her ball for the first time. Unsure and scared. It required a lot of convincing and treats. After that, I repeatedly worked with Xena last summer on her fear of water.

Now she is only afraid of water if she can’t reach the floor.


I know it was unintentional but nonetheless she swam toward me for the first time. It was 3 weeks ago. About 4-5 strokes. Moments before, I was showing her that she can swim. She was understandably scared and her swimming paws were wild when she reached me. My abdomen was covered with scratch marks but no pain no gain, right? A year from now, I might have a little swimmer. We’ll just have to wait and see. Her first swim was captured in video if you’d like to see!

This candid photo was taken after Xena’s first swim.  Photo credit:  @jen_dux

Never Stop Exploring 🐾

5 comments on “Whatever Wednesday: Collect Moments”

      1. Hah! She is a beagle boxer…anxiety at the weirdest things! She turned 10 in May and has arthritis in her back. Not so many hikes for her these days, but taking her camping in September! She loves the tent!

      2. Haha! Camping will be fun!! I also recently found out Xena likes a tent too. First of all, she slept for 9 hours then after the breakfast, she sat in front of the tent waiting for me to open it up for her. Lol! Who knew. We are going camping in two weeks. Can’t wait!

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