Hiking With Dogs Summer Essentials



Often, I get asked about Xena’s gear on Instagram so once in awhile I share our gear photo there. Recently, I’ve got questions regarding our summer gear so I thought it would be fun to do one for the summer. Please don’t ask me why the gear on the right is all bunched up when there is plenty of space at the top. Haha.

Depending on the challenges of each hike (longer distance, water, big elevation gain, ticks and bugs, etc.), additional gear is added (or substituted) to this list but for most part, these are all we need during summer.

Jamie’s gear in the photo:

  • Osprey Women’s Tempest 20 pack
  • Hat
  • Camera
  • Bear bell
  • Emergency whistle

Xena’s gear in the photo:

Why do I have two cooling vests? I’m glad you asked! This summer we are excited to test Hurtta Cooling Vest (in purple) and compare it to our long time favorite Ruffwear Swamp Cooler (in grey). Stay tuned for the cooling vest comparison.

Never stop exploring!

6 comments on “Hiking With Dogs Summer Essentials”

  1. I love those collapsible water bowls! And if I had to guess, judging by the bend in Xena’s tail and the curve of the leash, I’m guessing someone was wagging at some point. Maybe happy for a hike? 😉

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