Product Review: Alcott Explorer Outdoor Blanket


Super soft green fleece on top with the waterproof back, I bring our Explorer Outdoor blanket to many of our hikes. The waterproof back kept our bottoms dry on snowy summits this winter. We received a sample of the blanket for a test. This review is based on using the blanket for several months.



Product Specs:

  • Color:  Green, Blue, and Orange
  • Size:  One size
  • Dimension:  50″ x 50″ unfolded
  • Retail Price:  $29.99 for green and blue; $26.99 for orange

Design and Function – 4/5


Explorer Outdoor blanket is pretty light and folds down to a rectangle shape and has a handle for easy travel. I removed the handle though after the Velcro part got tangled up with other articles in the washing machine a couple times. I just roll it up and attach it to my backpack using the external straps at the bottom. Besides, when I folded it, it was poofy and took too much space in the pack. I need the space for my hiking essentials like a tripod. Ha! I never said I am a light packer. It has two pockets but I never had to use them.

The blanket comes in 3 different colors but they have different names. Blue is called Mariner Beach blanket and Orange (not waterproof in the back) is called the Traveler Comfort blanket.

Quality – 5/5

It’s big enough for Xena(34lbs) and me to share comfortably. The waterproof back kept our bottoms dry on snowy summits and safe from pointy rocks and plants. Xena loves to snuggle with it. The fleece top is very soft and cozy.


I am not particularly careful with the blanket but it has been holding up well against our weekly trail adventures in different weather conditions and frequent wash (in the delicate cycle).

Overall – 4.5/5

Alcott’s Explorer Outdoor Blanket is good for many different outdoor activities such as hiking, camping, beach, picnics to name a few. What makes this blanket stands out from others is that the back is waterproof. I’ve also heard that someone uses it in the car. Good idea. That made me think it would be also good for elderly dogs or puppies who have occasional accidents. Don’t let the name limit your use of this versatile blanket.

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Happy Hiking!


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6 comments on “Product Review: Alcott Explorer Outdoor Blanket”

  1. If I understand well, this dog blanket is also replacing the « human » sitting pad ? I’m going on a three days hike with my american eskimo dog for the first time and I’m trying to save on weight (going solo)… is this blanket too bulky to fit in the tent and serve as a bed for the dog too? It’s a small 2 persons tent. Of course, I’m not concerned about my dog being cold on any summer night, him being a nordic dog, but I’m looking for something providing isolation against the humidity.

    1. I don’t think it’s too bulky to fit in the 2-person tent. It’s soft and definitely can work as a dog bed. Xena likes to sort of “crumble” the blanket to make it comfortable if that makes sense.

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