Abalone Cove Trails


Last month, I wanted to hike with an ocean view, so I drove to Abalone Cove Shoreline Park. I checked the tide schedule early in the morning and planned my day around it to make sure we can walk down to the cove. We reached the parking lot around 9am.

Via de Campo Trail
View of Abalone Cove from Abalone Cove Trail
Sea Dahlia Trail

Beach was widened due to low tides and the ocean was still pulling out exposing tide pools. Always check the tide schedule beforehand for your safety. We walked to right underneath the Portuguese Point where there was still shade. Soon, all of this area would be exposed to the sun.

After I found a nice flat rock to sit on, Xena found cute kids to tag along. They were gentle and sweet to each other. The kids would spot something in the tide pools every other second and shout, “Look what I found!” Xena went to them and looked because she understands the Look command.“. They gently opened their palms and showed her shells and little crabs they picked up. They let her sniff until she was satisfied. It was hilarious and so cute!! I swear my heart melted. The kids’ dad and I enjoyed watching their interaction because it was so sweet.

After exploring tide pools, we hiked up to Portuguese Point to check out the view. Even though there was a fence, the drop-off made me feel uneasy so we walked 20 feet away from the fence and kept Xena on my side closely.

Portuguese Point Loop Trail

Sea Dahlia Trail

This park is relatively close to my place so I don’t know why it took me so long to get out there. Next time, I plan to include the Sacred Cove in the itinerary. I look forward to going back!

Good to know:

  • Hike Date:  11.7.15
  • Length:  3 miles
  • Out and back
  • Parking:

First 30 Minutes FREE
30 Minutes to 2 Hours $6
Over 2 Hours $12
Seniors 62+ and Handicapped are FREE year-round

  • Restrooms available at the park

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Happy Hiking!

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6 comments on “Abalone Cove Trails”

  1. How adorable about Xena and the kids! I love the sea. The sounds, sights and smell. It’s so much fun to explore the rock pools and walk with bare feet in the sand. Obviously you and Xena loved it too. Great pics and words again. 🙂

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