Eat, Play, Relax in Del Mar


Driving to San Diego on Black Friday wasn’t so bad. I set the radio station to 103.5 and sang along to the Christmas songs for 2 hours. First stop was Burger Lounge in Del Mar. It is in a strip mall so I was worried that I would have to fight against mad shoppers for a parking space. I ran that morning so I was especially hungry when I arrived at the mall. I want FOOD! As I turned into the parking lot, a space just opened up. Score!

I asked a staff if they had a little bowl for Xena and this is what he brought out for her! He must have checked on us 3-4 times. I was happy with both food and service at Burger Lounge but I found the place too loud and busy..

Next stop:  Del Mar North Beach (aka “the dog beach”)

After paying $1.50 for an hour parking on the street, I grabbed Xena’s favorite orange ChuckIt ball (the kind that whistles) and we headed to the beach. Xena was so excited, she couldn’t contain herself.

Throw it! Throw it!! Throw it!!!

At first, we played fetch away from the water. Tide was still on the high side. Xena’s not a water dog yet (even though she is part lab) and we ALWAYS lose a ball to the ocean. No joke. ALWAYS. This time wasn’t any different. Xena thinks the game we play at the beach is, I throw the ball and she rescues it from the ocean before the waves swallow it first. She wanted me to throw the ball close to the waves. First two throws, she won. But the 3rd time, the ball bounced off her nose and fell in to the ocean. She ran around to see if she could get closer to the ball but the waves kept taking the ball in to the ocean further away. Within 3 minutes arriving to the beach, she lost her favorite ball. We both stood there silly just staring at the ocean. I couldn’t believe it! We walked back to the car and I felt bad for her.

Amazing thing about dogs.. They truly live in the present. Sure, they are emotional creatures but they mastered the art of letting go. She was not fazed by losing her favorite ball. I was more upset. She had already moved on. Her tail was wagging and she was smiling up at me. She was just happy to be spending time with me. Such love is simple yet very powerful because it’s pure. I had a moment of reflection.

I grabbed a plain old tennis ball from the trunk. Good thing I packed multiple balls! Once she saw another ball in my hand, she was super excited again! We went back to the beach and played more. I will learn to truly appreciate the simple things in life.

Next stop: HYATT house San Diego/Sorrento Mesa

For guest staying 1-6 nights, there is a $75 non-refundable pet fee.

The hotel was located in the business area. Since it’s a holiday weekend, the nearby streets were empty and quiet. Vincent at the front desk welcomed us and kindly reminded me of the pet policy. He handed me a door tag to use when Xena is in the room by herself then he added with a smile, “We’d like all our hotel guests to enjoy their staying here at Hyatt house.”

Xena was allowed everywhere in the hotel except the restaurant. Even though she wasn’t allowed in the bar, Vincent called the bar ahead (without me asking first) so Xena can accompany me to the bar to get a glass of wine to-go in the evening. Thanks, Vincent!! The room was clean, modern and comfortable and the bathroom was luxurious. I will definitely stay there again! My only regret is, I missed their free full breakfast buffet next morning (7am – 10am) due to my plan. It is supposed to be great accordingly to reviews on travel websites. Next time!

6 comments on “Eat, Play, Relax in Del Mar”

  1. Del Mar is one of our favorites! Next time you’re in the area, try the Sheraton at La Jolla a Village Drive. Starwood properties are dog-friendly and don’t charge a fee. Also, try Pacifica Del Mar or Rendezvous for dog-friendly culinary adventures. They both have tables outside that welcome pups and Pacifica has gorgeous views of the ocean. Plus, if you park in the lot, validation is provided for two hours, giving you time to stroll down to the beach. We’re there almost every weekend!

  2. Dogs are so awesome. What ever my Sidekick Pauli is doing is the VERY BEST THING EVER…and then the next thing comes along and then IT IS THE VERY BEST THING EVER! 🙂 🙂 🙂

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