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Funday Sunday

Due to (self diagnosed) tendinitis, I need to avoid any activities that put too much pressure on my knee for a while. I replaced running and hiking with swimming and light walking with a knee brace. On Sunday, I took Xena to a dog beach so I can walk on sand and give her a

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Exploring the Three Sisters with My Sister

When I first saw the Three Sisters Reserve next to the Portuguese Bend Reserve on a map, I thought “I want to go there”. The name called out to me. The Portuguese Bend Reserve is the most popular reserve among nature reserves nearby so you can find trail information and helpful reviews from other hikers

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Hill Workout in Palos Verdes

I got up early yesterday to hit the trails before it gets scorching hot again. I’ve been wanting to go hiking for a while but the job search kept me busy past couple weeks. I felt almost relieved when we arrived at the Portuguese Bend Reserve. “Ahh.. we are finally here.”, I thought. Even Xena looked relieved. Maybe she

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