Whatever Wednesday: Gear Chat


I don’t consider myself as a gear junkie but my gear list keeps growing. I admit not all of the items in my backpack are necessary but they sure make the lunch at the peak so much nicer. My latest obsession is a blowup Teton seat cushion. I got it as a gift and now I can’t imagine lunch at the peak without it.



What’s your current gear obsession?

4 comments on “Whatever Wednesday: Gear Chat”

  1. I just got a brand new camel bag. I always use hand me downs from others or a bookbag from my kids. This beauty fits on my back like a glove. It has several snaps to secure to me so it doesn’t go bouncing when I trek up a mountain. It’s a ssooooooo pretty too ha. Dark purples and a pop of orange. Makes me feel like queen of the woods. AND SO MANY POCKETS!!!!

    1. Ha! I am huge on pockets too for any bags really! It’s nice to keep little things organized. And it makes you feel like a queen of the woods, that’s even better! Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  2. My latest gear obsession is my Yaesu 817 ham radio rig… light weight, low power requirements so I can carry it up in the mountains, throw an antenna in the trees, or set-up a vertical antenna to reach others down below or in neighboring states… maybe even on a nearby mountain — all of which allow no cell access.

    1. Sounds like a great emergency gear to carry with you when you are going into the wilderness! Your gear obsession is for practicality and safety and mine is for comfort. I feel like a diva.. Just a little. Ha!

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