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Best of Portuguese Bend Reserve

With many trail options, Portuguese Bend Reserve in Rancho Palos Verdes is a popular hiking location. This is also our go-to place when I don’t have time to research a new trail but want to spend some time on the trail. Not a bad place to have as a back-up. 😉 The view from Burma

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Fish Canyon Falls

7/1/16 Update:  This trail is temporarily closed due to recent fire.  Fish Canyon Falls trail is located in Duarte, CA and the trailhead is located in Vulcan Material Plant. At the end of Fish Canyon Road, there is a sign for trail. Follow the sign to the parking lot. This is a popular hike due to the

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Dog Gear Review: Waterproof Dog Collars

Does your dog love water? Warm weather is approaching. That means water activities will be surely part of your adventures. River, lake, stream, beach or even some pool time! 💦 So many options! Xena’s not quite a water dog yet but loves to, I mean L-O-V-E, to roll in things outside. My favorite collar for Xena has white fabric with black

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