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China Flat in Oak Park

Back to a local dog-friendly trail guide It was Mother’s Day. I assumed most of the people would be busy with Mother’s Day brunch that morning. Great time for us to be on the trail! There are two trailheads. We began the hike from Lindero Canyon Rd. The trailhead was easy to spot and there was

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Summer Hiking Guidelines

Heat exhaustion or heat stroke is very dangerous for pets but sadly I see a lot of people who do not take this seriously on/off the trail. It doesn’t mean we can’t go out and enjoy the outdoors. We just need to be mindful. As pet owners, we are responsible for our pet’s well-being. During the month of July and

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Kenai Peninsula Day 5 & 6: Girdwood

Girdwood is located 39 miles south east from Anchorage. We had a big day ahead. We packed our lunch and snacks and met for shuttle to Crow Pass Trailhead in Girdwood. I was still elated from hiking the Harding Icefield Trail the day before. Little I knew, I was going to have another fantastic sensory overloading hike.

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