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Sunset Peak via Fire Road

There are two trailheads off Glendora Ridge Road for this hike. If you enter “Sunset Peak Trail” into the google map, it will take you to the first trailhead located across from Cow Canyon Saddle. If you start from here, the total distance is slightly shorter with a more steep incline. This hike begins from the

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Potato Mountain via Evey Canyon

With a mountain name like that, we had to go! The trailhead is off Mt Baldy Road in Claremont, CA where it meets Palmer Evey Mtwy. There is no official sign for the trailhead but there are dirt strips on both sides of the road for parking so it wasn’t hard to find. GPS information can

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Whatever Wednesday: Contentment

Contentment: A state of happiness and satisfaction It is addicting once you experience it but unlike any other addictions, this I support and encourage. Find your source of real (that stays with you) happiness and satisfaction and nurture it. I am sure it’s not surprising to my readers that exploring outdoors and capturing life’s moments with photos

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