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Ryan Mountain in Joshua Tree

As you know from my last week’s post, I went hiking in Joshua Tree National Park in January. Sadly, dogs are not allowed on hiking trails so my sister and I went to the park ourselves to hike Ryan Mountain – the second highest point in Joshua Tree – and had to leave Xena at

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Winter Desert

In January, I made my annual desert trip to La Quinta which is 2 hours from L.A. Rain storm was in the forecast for my entire trip but I didn’t care. I looked forward to this trip all winter and I wasn’t going to cancel it. I was ready for a break from the daily routines. I was especially excited

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Whatever Wednesday: Hydration

Everyone knows hydration is important for your body. This is especially important when you are adventuring in outdoors. Coconut water is my go to hydration source on the trails. It’s tasty and has many health benefits. It’s packed with vitamins, minerals and electrolytes. Each coconut water brand tastes slightly different to me. My personal favorite

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