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Whatever Wednesday: Hollywood Photo Shoot

Take one …take two …and take three Okay, everyone, that’s a wrap! If you want to do this hike in Griffith Park, click here. Happy Hiking!

Whatever Wednesday: Matcha Green Tea Oatmeal

Ingredients: 1/4 c (organic) steel cut oats 1 tbsp (organic) chia seeds 1 tsp (organic) matcha green tea powder 1 c (organic) soy milk 1/2 tsp (organic) maple syrup 1/8 c chopped unsalted dry roasted almonds 1 tsp golden raisins I use my lunch crock food warmer to make this oatmeal but you can make

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Whatever Wednesday: Halloween Special

I made a collage of spooky moments from my walks for your amusement. Hope you enjoy. 👻👀 This picture is from a hike on Sunday. It was a gloomy errie morning with thick grey blankets of clouds. I added some effects to capture the mood perfectly. Only thing it’s missing is a witch flying over

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Whatever Wednesday: Wish List

What do you do if you are ready for the fall but the temperature is still in mid 80s in middle of September? You live through others who has that! 🙂  I’ve been enjoying the fall through other hikers located in cooler regions all over the world by following their lovely blogs and Instagram posts. They

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