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Clunker…Holy Cross…Holey Bucket

Holey Bucket

Like the rest of the world, we didn’t get to explore much this year between the Covid lockdown and a sequence of wildfires. But amid chaos, we managed to put in a few small hikes here and there this fall. In the next few posts, I will share those hikes with you. This was a

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Whatever Wednesday

Eagle Rock Hike

The day when I found out Xena is a cattle dog in disguise. Our hike to Eagle Rock back in March included a couple of unexpected cattle drives. The Kilchers of Alaska The Last Frontier made it look hard, but apparently, all you need is Xena. The cows made a line and followed us for

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Juniper Trail

Juniper Trail in Moab

Here is the last hike from our February Moab trip. After the short but fantastic hike to Corona Arch, we drove to the empty Gold Bar Group Campground nearby to make lunch. The food is always so good after a hike! Since the morning hike was a short one, we decided to check out another

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Corona Arch Trail

Corona Arch Trail in Moab

Before “Corona” was associated with “Stay At Home” and pandemic, we visited this wonderfully dog-friendly place to explore the natural arch. This is the most popular hike in Moab, UT, with or without a dog, because of the dramatic sandstone rock formation, so I highly recommend doing this on a weekday if you want to

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Little Wild Horse Canyon

Little Wild Horse Canyon and Bell Canyon Utah

I highly recommend doing this hike during cooler months as it is exposed and almost 9 miles long. We did this in February while visiting Moab and we experienced both dry and snow conditions. Be sure to pack plenty of water for you and your pup. This hike begins from the Little Wild Horse Canyon

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Jeep Arch Trail

Jeep Arch Trail Moab

Hey guys! Looking for us? I know we’ve been very quiet but we are still here. We’ve been busy trying to adjust to the new norm of things due to the current climate like everyone else. Changing a job is a big transition regardless of when it happens but doing it during this crazy time

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