Pet Fooled: Interview with Kohl Harrington

Earlier this month, I had the pleasure of meeting Kohl Harrington, the director and writer of the documentary Pet Fooled. The meeting was unplanned and the venue wasn’t right for me to ask a bunch of questions even though I wanted to. Luckily, Kohl was happy to do an interview for the blog at a later time.

The following is our exclusive Q&A with Kohl Harrington. 


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“Limitations tend to be illusions or self created barriers.” ― Steven Redhead


Even though you can’t tell from this picture, I am sitting on a boulder that is about 9 feet tall and the boulders in the front are even taller. If you don’t know me, I have a fear of heights. It’s gotten worse over the years actually. I don’t like that I have this phobia. As you can imagine it gets in the way sometimes and limits me on the trails.

This photo was taken from the Castle Rock hike over the weekend. At Castle Rock, if you want a nice view of the lake you have to climb the boulders. I pushed myself to climb up the boulders to a point where I am scared but not panicking. I really wanted to go further to the boulders in front of me. I heard myself saying, you can do it! Just keep walking! But I couldn’t move one more step from here. As it always does, as I stopped moving and started listening to my inner voices fighting with each other on top of this boulder, the fear grew quickly and it immobilized me instantly. I felt the panic coming on. I sat and took a deep breath. I was scared but I didn’t want to go down right away. I resisted my wanting to go down to the ground where I’d feel safe. I didn’t want my fear to win again. Xena eventually found her way up and stood next to me. She looked uncomfortable with the heights too. Could that be my doing? I turned to her and said, ‘Well, we did it, Xena. I am ready to go down now.’ With that, Xena hurried down.

Do you have a phobia that gets in your way when you are doing things you love? If so, what are you doing to overcome it?


Whatever Wednesday: Contentment

Contentment: A state of happiness and satisfaction


It is addicting once you experience it but unlike any other addictions, this I support and encourage. Find your source of real (that stays with you) happiness and satisfaction and nurture it. I am sure it’s not surprising to my readers that exploring outdoors and capturing life’s moments with photos make me content. What makes you feel content?


Whatever Wednesday: BBD

Have you ever heard the term Black Dog Syndrome or BBD?

Black dog syndrome or big black dog syndrome is a disputed phenomenon in which black dogs are passed over for adoption in favor of lighter-colored animals. Animal shelters often use the term BBD, or big black dog, to describe the type of larger dark-colored mixed-breed said to be typically passed over by adopters.

Black dogs are the last ones to get adopted if they do. Even with her sweet demeanor, some people avoid us on the street. I can see their fear/discomfort in their eyes as their eyes are focused on Xena. She gets different reactions from people though when I put a pink harness on her.

Xena is medium size at 32 lbs. I can imagine what would be like for bigger black dogs. Don’t be afraid people. Black fur does not make them dangerous, aggressive or evil. Here is a shout out to all misunderstood black dogs out there. We love you! 💕🐾


Whatever Wednesday: Exercise


Exercise needs to be fun so it doesn’t feel like you are “working” out. You will naturally want to do it again. For Xena, it’s playing fetch.

As for me, it’s trail running.

Westridge Canyon Back – my favorite place to run with Xena

View of Pacific Palisades.  The trail is big enough to share with hikers and mountain bikes.

What is yours?  

XoXo ♥

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving, Everyone!

I have a lot to thankful for this year but mostly I am thankful for the love and support of my family and friends. Even though I experienced two losses this year, instead of feeling empty and lonely, I’ve never felt more loved. Like how the Grinch’s heart grew at the end of How the Grinch Stole Christmas, my heart grew with all the love and support I received and the love I felt for them. It is fuller and warmer. Life is a full of surprises! 🙂

I am also thankful for. . .
♡ healthy family and how I feel more closer to them than ever.
♡ Xena’s mysterious bump in her leg disappearing after a month so.
♡ my sister for suggesting that I blog about hiking with Xena.
♡ working close to home so I can walk Xena during lunch.
♡ discovering sandalwood incense
♡ discovering tamanu oil

The list goes on…

What are you thankful for this Thanksgiving? Please do share! 🙂