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Pet Fooled: Interview with Kohl Harrington

Earlier this month, I had the pleasure of meeting Kohl Harrington, the director and writer of the documentary Pet Fooled. The meeting was unplanned and the venue wasn’t right for me to ask a bunch of questions even though I wanted to. Luckily, Kohl was happy to do an interview for the blog at a later time. The

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“Limitations tend to be illusions or self created barriers.” ― Steven Redhead Even though you can’t tell from this picture, I am sitting on a boulder that is about 9 feet tall and the boulders in the front are even taller. If you don’t know me, I have a fear of heights. It’s gotten worse

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Whatever Wednesday: Contentment

Contentment: A state of happiness and satisfaction It is addicting once you experience it but unlike any other addictions, this I support and encourage. Find your source of real (that stays with you) happiness and satisfaction and nurture it. I am sure it’s not surprising to my readers that exploring outdoors and capturing life’s moments with photos

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