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How to Photograph Black Dogs

Outdoor Dog Photography

One of the organizations I am happy to support is Guiding Eyes for the Blind. I am so proud of these pups and what this organization accomplishes. It warms my heart to see the trainees and graduates each year. These pups give the blinds self-confidence to go out to the world and live their lives

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Essential Gear for Hiking with Dog

Essential Gear for Hiking With Dog

Autumn arrived in Southern California and it’s cooler again. Leaves are changing colors in most parts of the country and it’s officially hiking season! It’s time to hit the trail with your four-legged best friend. If you are a beginner, here are some safety precautions you need to consider first: Your dog has a sturdy

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7 Tips for Adventure Dog Photography

dog photography

Your dog runs away as soon as you point your camera at his face. Yet, you dream of having beautiful photos of your adventure buddy in picture-perfect settings. You wonder, so how do others do it? It seems like an impossible task. It’s not easy to photograph a subject who runs away from the camera.

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Solo Travel and Hiking with Dog

Hiking with Dog

I get asked often about hiking and traveling solo from other women, “Aren’t you scared?” with horror on their faces. Yes, I do get anxious at times on the trails when the trail doesn’t show up on my GPS, and I don’t see anyone for a while, but those moments don’t stay long. A little

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