Cathedral Rock Sedona

Cathedral Rock in Sedona


If you are ever in Sedona, Arizona, I recommend the Cathedral Rock hike. In short distance (0.7 miles), this hike gains 660 feet and involves boulder climbing. It is a super fun hike and is rated as challenging.

After parking at one of the parking lots near the trailhead, pay the fee at the fee station and leave the receipt on your dashboard. It’s $5/day and $15/week.


We arrived two hours before the sunset.


Can you spot the hikers?


It’s a busy trail so Xena hiked on a leash at first until we began boulder climbing. Both of us needed freedom. Since she doesn’t bother anyone, no one minded. In fact, they cheered for her when she concentrated on climbing the steep boulders. It was pretty cute.


At one point, when I pulled something out of my pocket (I can’t even remember what now), my lens cap came out with it and rolled down the hill fast. It was an uphill workout up to this point so I wasn’t going to chase after it. Breathlessly I managed to say “don’t go” not even moving an inch. Ha!

14-year old Maddie volunteered to go down to get it. Xena thought about accompanying her on the mission at first then stopped and just watched her. I think she had the same realization. Let the youngest go get it.


Taking a little break to check out the spectacular view. Such a beautiful place.


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Look for these white marks when you are not sure which way to go.


Plan on spending some time at the top as the 360-degree view is stunning, especially when the sun is close to setting.


When you are ready, go back down the way you came up. It’s an out and back trail.

When we were returning from Cathedral Rock, we ran into several little boys who were impressed with Xena. Among those exchanges, one of them was especially adorable! It went like this:

The boy asked with wide-eye, “Did your Dog hike to the top too?”

Team HGWD: “Yes! She hikes everywhere!”

Boy: “Wow… I like hiking too!” Then he started listing the hikes he’s done.

Team HGWD: “Did you hike Everest too?”

Boy: “No, I haven’t been to Canada yet.”

Good to Know:

  • Hike Date: 11.26.2019
  • Distance: 1.5 miles RT
  • Elevation Gain: 660 ft
  • Maximum Altitude: 4,665 ft
  • Difficulty Level: Challenging
  • Trailhead:  “Cathedral Rock Trailhead” in Google Maps (34.825270, -111.788575 )
  • Fee/Permit: $5/day, $15/week
  • Vault toilet available at the trailhead
  • Notable: Exposed, boulder climbing, highly trafficked, well-maintained

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Happy Hiking!

18 comments on “Cathedral Rock in Sedona”

      1. I know that feeling – it’s a 14hour drive from where we live in Middle England to the north of Scotland where we like to hike … totally worth it though 🙂🌿

  1. Beautiful place! Great photos! Was in the area last summer and absolutely LOVED the scenery! The red rocks in Sedona and surrounding areas, including southern Utah are breathtaking. Can’t wait to go back.

  2. If you wouldn’t mind, can you provide more details on the climbing? I’m taking my dog and I don’t quite trust her off leash and want to ensure she can handle it with me before heading out. She’s well behaved, but young and excited. I have done Devil’s Bridge with my older dog so I’m familiar with that sort of scrambling.

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