End of Hibernation


Hey guys, it’s us!

Hiking Girl with Dog

You were probably wondering where we’ve been this month. Part planned and part unexpectedly, we were in hibernation this month, and I will tell you why shortly. In any case, the hibernation is over and we will be back with more adventure stories starting May. I can’t believe it’s only 4 days away!

First, I will share the Bad then the Good so we can end in a positive note.

Three weeks ago, Xena was attacked by another dog on our usual evening walk near home. I am going to save you from the details and also so that I don’t have to relive the horrific moment, but if you’d like to know, you can go here to read about it and my lessons learned from the experience.

The next day, she went under the bed and didn’t want to come out. It broke my heart. But today, after three weeks of recovery, Xena is doing great physically and mentally. She is off pain killers and antibiotics. Life is back to normal again. I am so thankful that she didn’t suffer more serious physical injuries and emotional traumas considering how it went down. We worked on energy healing, and it helped tremendously.

Now, the exciting news!

I’ve been toying with the idea to start a business for a couple of years and finally decided to pull the trigger a month ago. I decided to do more of what makes me the happiest. More time in the outdoors with dogs with my camera! Yassss! Since then, it’s been moving very fast as if the business idea has been just waiting for me to make up my mind already! The website for Outdoor Dog Photography and Facebook Page are up! Please give a follow if you like my photos. I appreciate your support!

We (Xena and I, of course!) had our first photoshoot two weekends ago, and we had a blast! I learned something new about my dog though. Usually, Xena’s not a jealous dog. I can pet any dogs we meet, and she is careless. BUT apparently, I can’t take photos of other dogs if I am not taking hers!

She was kept on a leash and had to watch me work from the sideline. She whined a few times trying to get my attention. When she was let free, she was all over me as if I just got back from a long trip. LOL. Who knew.

Once we were in a remote location where no one was around, Xena and one of my model dogs were off-leash, and I took candid shots of the pups exploring. Then, Xena was okay. She even got in the group photo too. I think she thought it was one of our group hikes. She will get used to it, I am sure. 😂 

Here is a behind the scene from the photoshoot. Xena’s fur has grown back since then, and the puncture wound is almost healed!

Cheers to New Adventure!

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8 comments on “End of Hibernation”

  1. I hope Xena is doing well. Congratulations on your big leap into business… follow your heart, Jamie!

  2. poor Xena – that just breaks my heart – I get so worried that something like that will happen to Joey! I’m so glad she’s ok!

    I am so happy for you with your new venture! You are gonna do awesome! Your photos are so beautiful!! 🙂 I can’t wait to see more!

    1. Good news is, Xena came out of the horrible experience more stronger than before. I am so grateful… Thanks so much, Dana, I am excited about the new venture. It feels so right. If anything, I will have a great time trying out something new out of my comfort zone and will have no regret later on. 🙂 Have a great week, lady! 💗

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