Whatever Wednesday: Dog Booties


The issue with buying dog booties that come in 4 is, just like our feet, our dog’s four paws are not the same size. The front paws are usually larger than the back paws. Xena got two pairs of booties as a gift and we got to try them on the trail this month. On each hike, Xena lost back booties.


On a positive note, both pairs are waterproof and have high traction so they were great on snow. I hope we get to use them a lot this winter. Let it snow.. Let it snow.. Let it snow!


Adventure on!


2 comments on “Whatever Wednesday: Dog Booties”

    1. She’s had booties for 2 years but those I can order a boot at a time so I can get her specific size for each paw. These were gifts and they came in 4 in a pair. So in that sense, it was our first try. And yes, even now, when she has her booties on, she hops around funny until we get going. So cute, right? πŸ™‚

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