5 Tips for Hiking with Dogs in the Summer

Source: C3 Career Care

Too often I see and hear about a dog that got overheated during a hike. And at times, those stories end with a very very sad ending. Death. Overheating and heat exhaustion can be prevented so when I hear stories like this, it really upsets me to the core.

Recently I was asked to be a guest contributor at 4Knines. I thought it was a great opportunity to talk to a wider audience about this topic and provide ways to prevent this from happening to other dogs. The tips are applicable to humans too, of course. I hope you find the article helpful and share with others!

Click here for the article

4 comments on “5 Tips for Hiking with Dogs in the Summer”

      1. Not well- I’m not used to a dog that gets like that- it was really scary the 1st time it happened- and she drinks a ton of water when we are out!! I’ve been scared to take her backpacking or on long hikes when it’s hot out because I don’t want it to happen again!

      2. That must’ve been really scary!! It’s definitely better to be safe than sorry. Nothing is worth it if it puts our puppers in danger. So we wait … until the cool weather… The waiting game is strong over here. 🙂

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