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Review: ChuckIt! Canine Hardware Hydro Bowl Medium

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Last fall, I wrote a review of ChuckIt! Canine Hardware Hydro Bowl for Dogs That Hike. I thought maybe some of you might want to read it.

Xena has several ChuckIt! toys and she loves all of them.  I like them because they are durable, so I was glad when Dogs That Hike sent us ChuckIt! Canine Hardware Hydro Bowl to test.  We took the bowl on our hikes as well as to the local park we go to play fetch.  This review is based on using the bowl for a month.

Xena is a picky water drinker.  She doesn’t drink water from public water fountains unless the water is flowing.  She doesn’t drink water from bowls she doesn’t know nor from water fountains that are powered by electricity because they hum.  I thought she would make a good tester.

The Hydro Bowl can snap around a leash or a backpack.  It’s compact when folded and when it is unfolded, it holds up to 5 cups (= 1L) of water.  It’s bigger than any travel bowls I have.  It was great when Xena shared the bowl with her friends.  When I just want to give Xena a little bit of water, I just tilt the bowl for her so it was easier for her to drink out it.

After each use, I washed it with a gentle dishwashing liquid.  It was easy to clean as advertised.  Although the stitching on the Hydro Bowl could be improved, it had no impact on the quality and durability of the bowl.  After a month of use, the snap button is still intact.  The Hydro Bowl is waterproof and durable as expected and I do not see any noticeable flaw in the product.

The portable Hydro Bowl is good for traveling, hiking, backpacking, camping, and any other outdoor activities.  It’s affordable, lightweight and takes up almost no space.  With its 5-cup capacity, it’s great to feed water to multiple small/medium dogs at once or a large breed dog.

The only downside I see is, the snap button may be an issue if you have arthritis in your hands.

Originally posted at Dogs That Hike on 11/14/16.


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