3 Mile Hike in Portuguese Bend Reserve

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I thought my first blog should be about one of our favorite trails.

This is my go to place with Xena because of the close proximity to home, easy parking and well maintained trails. There are many trails to choose from here depending on your wants/needs so it is never boring.

Last weekend, I was feeling for a short and easy hike. After parking the car on Crenshaw Blvd near Del Cerro park, we walked toward the trailhead which is located near the gated community at the end of Crenshaw Blvd. I threw away Xena’s poo bag in a trash can, set GPS and we started hiking!

Right away, we saw a beautiful view of the ocean and Catalina Island in the distance. We both took a moment and enjoyed the view.


We hiked down about 3/4 miles on Burma Road Trail then turned left on to Ishibashi Trail. Unlike Burma Road Trail, Ishibashi does not have much traffic and has a beautiful view of the ocean most of its path (0.6 mi) so it’s my favorite. Great place to reflect.


When Ishibashi Trail met Burma Road Trail again, we turned right. After passing the Eagle’s Nest Trail sign on the right, there is a shaded area on the left. This is a good place to have snacks (for me and treats for the Xena girl) and hydrate, preparing ourselves for the uphill ahead.

We got back on Burma Road Trail then we took Peacock Flats Trail on the left. This takes you back to Burma Road Trail where the portable restroom is (bring your own tissue paper and hand sanitizer). We turned left on Burma Road Trail and finished the hike. It took us 1 hour and 15 minutes.

I recommend this hike early in the morning or in the late afternoon during summer time due to lack of shaded area. As always, bring plenty of water for yourself and your pooch.

Please feel free to use the ‘Leave a comment’ link below for any questions. Thanks. Happy hiking!


More on the trails:

  • Restroom:  One portable restroom on Burma Road Trail (approx. 3/4 miles from the trailhead)
  • Distance:  3 miles
  • Directions:  Google Del Cerro park in Palos Verdes and get the directions to the park.
  • Elevation change:  529 ft
  • Note:  views, ocean, rabbits, lizards, horses

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